Meet the Stifels


Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Theresa and I am fascinated by old school handiwork and new school style. Our various family businesses take the work ethic and handmade skills of the past and make them into something contemporary and fresh.  Our friends exclaim “Wow, you really pulled that off!”  Pulled what off you say?

Living a Wonderful Life.

The Wells and Stifel families are full of artists and crafters going back through the generations. Commercial artists, chefs, quilters, painters, sewers, leather crafters, carpenters, embroiderers, sewers, tool & die makers, jewelers and mixed media artists are all represented in the family. This batch of Wells Stifel Creatives splits their time between Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland and are thoroughly cheerfully ignoring the battle lines between “Craft” and “Art”. We work on the theory if you are crafting original work then it is art!

After running Stifel & Capra for 8 years as a brick & mortar shop in Falls Church, Va we got displaced by a disproportional rent increase. After taking a deep breath (and recovering from the Big Move) we made the command decision not to seek another stand-alone shop so we wouldn’t be tied down to one location 7 days a week.

So in this incarnation of S&C we bring you pop-up shops, events, tasting & cooking demos, cozy collaborations with other businesses, an expanding online presence and whatever else suits our fancy!

We hope you enjoy watching as we grow, change and make things with our own hands!

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All our best, Theresa, Bob, Olivia & George Wells Stifel

P.S. Wondering about the origins of the name “Stifel & Capra”?

We have always believed we are blessed and that we live a truly Wonderful Life. This was brought in sharp focus when patriarch Bob went into the hospital and nearly didn’t make it out. Scarlet Fever lead to sepsis and further complications that lead to a six week intensive care unit stay and an amputated leg. Living with this aftermath has not always easy or convenient but it reminds us that every day is a gift.

As “Theresa & Her Wonderful Life” didn’t sound so corporate however so “Stifel & Capra” was born. A homage to Frank Capra’s movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and to remind us daily that indeed it is.

Theresa Wells Stifel